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Wellness leads the way in pioneering innovative pharmacy professional services that deliver patient-centred health solutions. For 10 years, we have been working to improve patient outcomes through our suite of clinics, connecting health care practitioners with the dynamic pharmacy healthcare landscape.

Wellness clinics facilitate the integration of registered nurses and nurse practitioners into a primary care setting in pharmacy, enabling collaboration between nurse, pharmacist, and patient. Utilising the clinical capabilities and experience of nurses, and supported by pharmacists and pharmacy assistants, Wellness clinics are designed to take the patient through their health journey from beginning to end without ever stepping outside the pharmacy.

With over 10,000 clinics delivered nationally, Wellness is actively expanding the role of pharmacy in Australia.

Health & wellness clinics

Wellness offers a suite of health, wellness and practitioner clinics, focusing on health solutions specific to the needs of customers. Delivered through an extensive national network of health practitioners, Wellness provides customers with quality information and advice, a summary of the consultation and a take home information brochure.

Vaccination clinics

Providing convenient access to vaccination services, Wellness partners with community pharmacy to deliver seasonal flu vaccinations in store. Our highly experienced nurses provide flu vaccinations to persons aged 2 years and over, optimising protection against the flu.