Practitioner Clinics

Practitioner Clinics

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Wellness Here for Life is pioneering the delivery of health services utilising the expertise of nurse practitioners. Nurse practitioners are registered nurses who have completed additional university study at Master’s degree level and are the most senior clinical nurses in our healthcare system.


Designed specifically for people diagnosed with diabetes, the clinic focuses on optimising the monitoring and management of diabetes to minimise complications. This clinic includes an on-the-spot HbA1c screening test and a diabetic foot examination to assess sensation and risk factors.

Heart Health

Understanding cardiovascular risk is the first step in preventing a heart attack or stroke. The heart health clinic provides a comprehensive assessment of cardiovascular health and risk factors. Assessments include cholesterol, blood pressure and other key cardiovascular parameters as well as an individual 5-year cardiovascular risk assessment.

Chronic Pain

Aid customers in managing chronic pain by assessing factors contributing to pain and discussions on appropriate
medications, nonpharmacological and lifestyle options to help manage pain.

Healthy Numbers

An assessment compromising of key health parameters including blood pressure, blood
glucose, cholesterol, weight and body mass index.

Healthy Bones

An assessment of bone density utilising
heel ultrasound.

Healthy Lungs

An assessment of lung health and lung
age by measuring forced expiratory
volume using Vitalograph COPD-6.
Allows for early detection of COPD
and assessment of current airway
management plans.

Women's Health

Information and advice on common health concerns such as reproductive health, menopause and cancers in women. Includes education on breast self-examination techniques using a silicone breast model.

Men's Health

Focused on a wide range of health
concerns for men such as, weight
management, heart disease and some
cancers. A brief assessment of
body composition using a bioelectrical
impedance analyser to assess body fat
mass, fat mass and muscle mass.